about creativity

001. Max Wyman, Writer
002. Alexander Atza Visnic, Artist, Designer
003. Veronica Stark, Graphic Designer
004. Nick Lepard, Painter
005. Zoltan Kiss, Architect, Potter, Painter
006. Scott Good, Composer
007. Eric Deis, Contemporary Artist
008. RozeMerie Cuevas, Fashion Designer
009. Toni Cavelti, Master Jeweller
010. Peter Busby, Architect
011. Gregory Borowski, Architect
012. Rhylin Bailie, Investor Relations

What is creativity? Can it be defined? How? How does it feel being creative? What about talent? Inspiration? Energy? Can it be learnt? Expiry date, crisis and death of creativity? Experience and age? Is creativity practical? Can it be measured? How? Ego? Archetypes and stages of creative process? Curiosity?

Is Vancouver creative?

Toni Cavelti

Master Jeweller

I spent fifty years of my life making jewellery. I made jewellery for famous people but mainly for people such you and I. I enjoyed working with beautiful metals, gold and platinum and never lost my excitement creating a home for a rare, natural gemstone. I shared my knowledge with apprentices who taught me a few things in return. It was a good and creative part of my life...

It ended in l999 when I sold my company to the venerable Gold and Silversmiths Henry Birks and Sons Inc., I was free to do other things.

I had seen wire work by my good friend Bill Reid, I had seen a video of Alexander Calder struggling with wire and I was certainly aware that the great Picasso had tried his hand at it. Making things is my passion and it found a cause when my eyes set on a coil of construction wire and thus began my wire story.

I made a complete turn around from costly and rare materials to wire, ordinary iron wire which will, given a chance, age with dignity.

Toni Cavelti

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See it on Facebook See it on YouTube 480 p Recommended "You cannot teach creativity - how to become a good writer. But you can help a young writer
discover within himself what
kind of writer he would
like to be. "
Mario Vargas Llosa